Why Men Cheat Essay

To start off: both genders cheat. They tend to deny it, but it does happen regardless. Research studies say that men are more likely to cheat, whereas others claim that women are more likely to do so.
A survey conducted by marriage counselor M. Gary Neuman was aimed at getting at the core of why men cheat. 200 cheating and non-cheating husbands were the survey subjects.
So what makes men cheat, one might ask himself/herself? The above-mentioned researcher analyzed past male infidelity reports and found out that most answers were deducted from the wife’s point of view. But in order to discover the real reason as to why men cheat, the researcher presented in his book called “The Truth about Cheating” men’s point of view, as, from his perspective, it would only seem logical to ask guys, first and foremost, as to why they cheat.
Some of the findings included the
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Neuman continues by reiterating the fact that "in most cases, he's cheating to fill an emotional void," and that "he feels a connection with the other woman, and sex comes along for the ride."
Check out more of Mr. Neuman’s pieces of advice on how to improve your marriage and prevent your man from cheating over here: http://www.webmd.com/men/features/why-men-cheat?page=3
According to other research studies, some other reasons men cheat is evolutionary biology, the choice to cheat, the fact that their sexual needs are not met, and lack of emotional intimacy in the relationship. The latter reason was already mentioned, and this is the most important aspect that makes some men be unfaithful.
Sex expert Emily Morse has pointed out some other aspects, including: “men admit to cheating because they crave variety and new experiences”, which, indeed, might be another plausible aspect regarding this controversial issue. See more info over here:

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