Reasons In Steinbock's 'What Wrong With Adultery'

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There have been many views on the subject of adultery because adultery has become a very prominent problem in today’s society. It is spreading faster than many people could imagine and is almost uncontainable. In the article “What wrong with adultery?”,Steinblock believes that adulterous behavior is not moral wrong. She argues that adultery based on the plausible claim that these views are bound to be connected to important conventions. The adultery is actually not immoral for the breaking of a promise and lying, the deception of adultery, and fidelity as ideal.
Firstly, Steinbock makes her essay strong by transparently stating that adultery contradicts moral principles because it involves two main reasons are promise-breaking and lying. The first main reason
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First, the adultery destroys a marriage. When a man marries a woman, they make the vows each other in front of God. This means that two people also make a commitment to be faithful together. However, if the one cheats his/her spouse because of his/her affair, he/she breaks a trust held between two people. As a result, their marriage is broken. Second, the adultery is a crime because it affects severe mentally to the members in the family, especially children. For instance, when a parent is having an affair, the child learns of an affair is in danger of losing confidence in the viability of marriage and family. Finally, the adultery can increase the risk of sexually transmitted disease. For example, if one of the couple has sex with another person, then they are also risking the health of their partner. Some diseases transmit from sex act include HIV, genital herpes, and human papillomavirus is bring infection to the health of the spouse, even they also were many dead in the past. Thus, committing adultery is wrong act and people should avoid because the adultery still is not accepted by today’s

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