Why It's Important To Become A Carnivore?

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Julia Child once said, “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.” Julia is right because people need meat to get the right amount of protein in their body. When it comes down to being a vegan or a carnivore, it’s a common argument between people in our society. There are many cons and health problems that comes with becoming a vegan. The three main reasons people are carnivores are because of the extensive amount of protein, nutrients, and vitamins.
First, one of the common reasons people are carnivores is because of the extensive amount of protein. According to the source “healthy living” the author states, “Meat contains a large amount of protein, and it can be beneficial to the body.” Protein improves the wellbeing
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Eating meat gives the body the proper amount of nutrients. Nutrition also gives people’s body a healthy heart, strong bones and teeth, and energy. The body functions off of having a good energy level. Vegans bodies doesn’t have the proper amount of energy to function on a day to day basis. They often seem weak as if they are getting enough nutrients. Carnivores get the proper amount of iron that their body needs. Iron is important because it transport oxygen to different parts of the body. The amount of nutrients is important to everyone’s body.
Lastly, carnivores give people an extensive amount of vitamins as well. Vitamins are important to the human’s body. Vegans also need vitamins, but their bodies doesn’t receive the proper amount. Once people become a vegan they face a loss of essential vitamins and minerals. They also face unrealistic expectations. Vegans think that they are helping themselves become healthier, but they are hurting their health in numerous ways. Carnivores take in vitamins to receive good vision, healthier teeth, and healthier bones. Vitamins help support the central nervous system as

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