Why Is Ww1 Inevitable

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World War I was among the most devastating wars humanity has ever fought. The amount of death and destruction caused was previously unheard of and the consequences were like nothing anyone could perceive. The generation that died in effort of fighting this ongoing mindless massacre lost the chance to prove their potential to the world all the while cultures were being torn apart and destroyed. Because of these things, many wonder if WWI was ever avoidable and, if so, if it could have been preventable. However, due to imperialism, nationalism, and militarism, World War I was no doubt inevitable in the upcoming future. The whole concept of imperialism is to improve one’s country based on controlling and consistently taking resources from another. This practice was quite popular with bigger world powers in the 1700’s, continuing up all the way to the first World War. Countries such as …show more content…
The very notion of violent battle frenzies its people and this creates tension that builds up over time, leading to the people wanting to fight. Because nations began to accept this as their reality, they lost their sense of normality and started to glorify war, even going as far as encouraging it. When countries such as Germany and Austria-Hungary began to incorporate militarism, it increased their confidence enough to start attacking other nations and go to war. This kind of intense focus on military prowess and violence led to WWI. Imperialism, nationalism, and militarism all lead to World War I. Other factors, such as alliances between nations, helped as well since other countries only participated due to being dragged in through affiliation. WWI was a terrible event the world experienced and much was lost. Though many wars were to come following WWI’s end, the results of this great war may have been for the better as the world as a whole changed the way they interacted in an attempt to find

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