Why Was WW1: Why Was WWI Inevitable?

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Whether WWI Was in Fact Inevitable
Some historians believe that WWI was the inevitable result of the evolution of global political and economic conflicts. However, others state that, if separately analyzing all the reasons caused WWI, no one of them was worthy enough for the countries to take the risk of the war. I personally agree with the first argument that WWI was in fact inevitable.

Human’s physical production mode and social life changed dramatically before and after 20th century. From the early 1870s to 1914, the second industrial revolution was completed, and industrialization era was coming. Industrialization aggravated the unbalance of economic development among main countries. The economy of Germany and U.S. grew rapidly, which
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On the one hand, the aggression and plunder of powerful countries towards weak and poverty nations was further intensified. Due to the great disparity on power, the army of European powerful countries was almost invincible in the process of conquering colonies, which greatly intensified the superiority of Westerns, as well as stimulated colonialism in West. On the other hand, the concept of power politics and the policy of self-security was pretty popular in the competition of powerful countries. In the more and more drastic foreign competition, European powerful countries were hostile and suspect to each other. They were afraid that losing the competition meant the weakening even death of the own country. They believed the only way to protect their own nation’s benefit and security was to weaken the rivals. They regarded this principle as sacred, and stood up for this principle no matter what means to use. The powerful countries regarded establishing and fighting for colonies as a significant means to protect and strengthen national

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