Essay about Why Is The Right Medical School?

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Patch Adams states that “The purpose of a doctor is generally should not be to simply delay the death of a patient, but to increase the person’s quality of life.Today doctors are viewed as people who see their patient for less than ten minutes and get paid a lot of money for it. People also see them as someone who is always prescribing many medication that are not useful.However,as Patch Adams states the true purpose of a doctor is to increase the quality of life. For example, Hematologists devote their time and resources to treating patients with blood related illnesses. They go above and beyond to make sure their patients cope as comfortably as possible with their illnesses.Before becoming a Pediatric Hematology, one must consider ten years of school, treating and diagnosing children and being underpaid at times.
Choosing the right medical school is one of the most crucial decisions you will make as a medical student. One must consider the classroom size, the academic focus,the intense pressure,the teaching style, opportunities available ,and how much money you will owe.A hematologist is a physician who is first trained to be a medical doctor.But then receives an education in specialization of hematology. A hematologist can follow many paths including research, teaching and clinical practice. Hematologists works closely with a oncologist,who treats cancer patients with diseases.There are no single requirements admission to medical school.It is recommended that a…

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