Why Is The Death Penalty Wrong?

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I personally think that the Death Penalty is wrong because of its not right to kill why should it be right to kill someone else with the death penalty, by going that far with everything you midis well have a purge. If someone if accused with murder then that person should have to deal with a punishment that nobody wants to deal with and that is spending there life in prison looking up for life with nothing to see is walls and bars because killing the person who had done the kill is too easy of a punishment, it isn’t even a punishment.
Legislative Branch: Death Penalty is wrong I understand punishment to people who do the wrong thing but to end their lives, the government should be able to subject criminals to the death penalty. The
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I think that killing is always wrong no matter what. If a guy murders another guy and people murder him it’s just one more life gone. I thought that if one human being killed another, they deserved the death penalty. But, you know what that is too good for someone like that. They deserve to rot in prison. Prison can pretty much be like a living Hell. They can get the crap beat out of them, they can get in fights, and the cops/authority figures probably aren 't too nice... So many different things go on in there. As I said, the death penalty is too good for them. And, you 're really not making any sort of statement or point by saying, "Oh, since you killed so-and-so, now you die too." There 's no point made when you do that. But, it would suck if they knew they were going to rot in jail for the rest of their miserable lives, while others were free to walk the streets and enjoy life. I think that 's definitely the best punishment for a loser like that. My view is just that killing is wrong, we should

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