Why Is It Important To Read Well

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The Magic of Reading
Why it is important to learn to read well? I believe that if I can not read well, I am going to face many problems in my life. Many people throughout the world look at the reading positively. So, they automatically assume that reading is very useful for us. To my mind, reading can improve our writing skills and help us to become knowledgeable. Also, it reduces stress.
Reading well is very beneficial, because if we can read well in any language, we will be comfortable using it, and we won’t struggle. So, if we want to write well, we have to read widely. Through reading we will be able to learn vocabulary and critical thinking. For example, I remember when I was in my previous college in Saudi Arabia, we had to study English and get C grade or above before studying any major. A friend of mine faced problems and failed in the first semester. As a result, he started to read a lot of books and stories. Hence, he was able to develop his writing skills and learn new vocabulary. In the second semester, we were surprised because he got A grade in English. Reading helps us to learn Grammar sinks and spelling. So, the more we read, the more we improve our writing skills.
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Reading is an ideal exercise for the brain. So, it helps people to work with their brain and makes them smarter. Also, I strongly believe that readers can improve their general knowledge because the more we read, the easier it will be to learn new things and become knowledgeable. For instance, if I talk to a person who reads a lot, I am going notice that he/she has so much information. So, reading provides people with information easily because they are used to reading a lot and understand many things. Reading books is an amazing source for giving us ideas and

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