Why Is Abortion Morally Wrong

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Over one million women in the modern United States receive an abortion every year. As an escape method for dealing with rape or a way to put a halt on their pregnancy altogether, the process has been a quick fix for women living in America. However, not everybody is in agreement with the idea of abortion, making it a very controversial topic today. Some people think it goes against their religious beliefs, while others believe the procedure is morally wrong no matter what religion they practice. To ensure that Americans are both healthy and in unison with the law, abortion should become illegalized in the United States. Abortion is the case in which a woman ends her pregnancy on purpose. It has been used for hundreds of years as …show more content…
Morality is defined as a system of values concerning the difference between right and wrong. Nobody would argue against the fact that killing another human being is immoral; however, people may not feel as strongly about this in the case of abortion. In a recent poll from The Knights of Columbus, sixty-two percent of people who took it though that abortion is morally wrong (Mackenzie 1). While that number represents the majority of Americans, a large group of people don't understand why abortion is immoral. People do not acknowledge that a baby's heart begins beating eighteen days after conception, and that even if it is in the womb, the baby is still a human being. The value of the unborn child is no less than any other form of life (Pruthi …show more content…
It has been used for hundreds of years as a way to control a birth. However, abortion was actually declared illegal back in 1880. Many people weren't okay with this illegalization at the time because it opposed two popular concepts, which were suffrage and birth control. Women, starting in the 1960's, began to fight for their rights to make abortion a legal procedure again because they wanted to gain control over themselves and their actions. About ten years later, it was announced by the Supreme Court that any woman could abort their baby if they felt it was necessary (Blanchard

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