Why I Was Wake Up Essay

816 Words Sep 11th, 2015 4 Pages
There have been these instances where I would go to sleep, yet after a while I would be staring at my room in the dark. I would try to move my arm, my leg, my head, anything, but I just could not move at all. My limbs were limp like I was being held down by some invisible force, yet at the same time, I felt light and had the sensation of constantly falling. When this would happen I would feel very aware of my surroundings, not like in my other dreams or nightmares. I knew that what I needed to do was wake up, so I would try and try my hardest to do so. Usually once I woke up, it would not happen again in the same night. This is something that has happened to me many times since I was very little. I used to think that they were just nightmares that everyone experienced. I also felt this sort of presence almost every time it happened. It felt like someone was in the room with me, watching me. Although because I always thought I was dreaming, I was never really scared, especially because I never actually saw the presence. However, one of the more recent times has caused me to become more concerned with whatever it what it was that I was experiencing. I was in my room. It was a midsummer night, and I had had a very lazy day of watching television and talking with my sister. I could hear the wind outside rustling the tree branches, causing their shadows to dance across my window. I was lulled to sleep, and the next thing I know, I am looking around at a corner of my room. I…

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