Why I Was A Kid Essay

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When I was a kid I was Catholic. When I was a kid I was straight. When I was a kid I loved my parents without question. When I was a kid I stayed away from anything my dad didn’t like or anything my mother didn’t approve. My music taste belonged to my parents. My look belonged to my parents. I belonged to my parents. When I was a kid I didn’t know who I was, but only who my parents were. With parents like mine, it took a few tries for me to finally become my own person, with one moment in particular shining above the rest of my self-realizations.
I sit in the black cushy chair, my eyes closed. My dad had already said something along the lines of “hell no” and my mom had disapproved of the idea entirely. But here I was. The fear of my parents was only slightly over come by the desire to do something for myself, two feelings that would grow side by side for several more years of my life. The stylist ran her hand through all fourteen inches of my hair. “How short?” she asked me, her eyes meeting mine in the mirror. My heart was racing. I wasn’t nervous about cutting my hair, but my parents’ reactions to it. I had already made it this far though. It was my freshman year of high school and about damn time I did something simply because I wanted to, without my parents’ opinions weighing in heavier than my own.
I grabbed some of my hair a couple inches from the root. “About this much,” I said as confidently as I could. My stomach was tying in tighter knots than I thought possible,…

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