A Career In Medicine

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Growing up my interest in medicine came at a young age from going to various doctor’s appointments for myself and family members. I was always fascinated with how doctors took care of people. I enjoyed the interaction between the doctor and patient, whether it was a positive or negative interaction. From seeing that it made me want to be like them. But I didn’t fully consider a career in medicine until I began high school.
While I was growing up , I didn’t have an ideal stable living situation. I grow up in a single-parent household. My mother didn’t complete high school. She was working factory job to support my brother and I. We moved around to several states. I also experienced homelessness twice before I graduated high school, one was
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I decided that I wanted to go into medicine and become a doctor. When I presented my choice to my teacher she told me “ it’s not a realistic choice and not everyone can become a doctor” she told me to look into nursing. When she told me I couldn’t become a doctor, that made me want to prove to her and people like her that nothing is impossible unless you work hard work it. She did ignite a light in me to go forward with my future aspirations of becoming a physician. From there I began on my path to becoming a future physician. I started researching various fields of medicine from pediatrics to surgery. Also researching various volunteer opportunities. Although, I wasn’t able to start gaining experience in healthcare until I began …show more content…
I worked on research involving people with eating disorders and how they develop high concentrations of bone marrow fat in their bones. During the several months there I was able to learn more about clinical research and how it impacts people 's lives. Around the same time ,I began volunteering at a local hospital in the emergency department as a family assistant. That position allowed me to learn how to interact with patients families. From volunteering at the ER , I was able to get a position there as a patient care attendant. I was able to learn more about medicine and was able to see first hand how patients are treated. It was my job to watch the patient and make sure that they are not harming themselves . I was exposure to a variety of patients. I was able to sit in on variety of procedures , as well as patient exams. In my downtime I was able to observe a code blue that was going on in a trauma bay. One of my favorite experiences was when I was able to able to shadow one of the Trauma surgeons. My day started with surgical grand rounds and then I attending morning report and patient rounds. Then I was paired with one of the trauma residents for the day and followed them on consults.I learn that surgeon not only operate but follow their patients care on the floor. That experience was very eye opening and made me want to pursue medicine even

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