Why I Want For A Degree Program Essay

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I wish to apply for a degree program in Social Science at the University of Austin. Personally, I have an interest in enrolling in this college because UT Austin allows students to explore to the maximum their potentiality in education by committing its resources to partner with learners and their families. I developed a desire for this institution due to its affordability aside from offering quality of education and its co-curricular activities it offers. I recently graduated from high school with grade B. If the admission committee grants me the chance, I promise to work hard, be disciplined and perform highly in my coursework. I desire to be a social worker in future and to accomplish this; I need to acquire a degree program in social studies at UT Austin. My passion in this field is motivated by my urge to assist other individuals in society especially the needy. I believe that if the admission committee grants me a chance to enroll for a degree in social studies, I will gain knowledge and experience to accomplish my dreams.
I performed highly in sciences while in high school and this makes my education background suit the career that I want to take in future. In my previous institution, I managed to attain grade A in all science subjects. However, due to extenuating circumstances, I did not perform very well in other subjects such as languages that made me attain an overall grade B.
As nature dictates, I succumbed to a serious disease that made me miss my class…

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