Why I Should Not Care Essay

767 Words Nov 7th, 2014 4 Pages
To Not Care I’m one of those people who consistently worry about what other people think. I always need reminders and friends to reverse my unpleasant thoughts about myself. No matter what is going on in school, at home, at church, and even online I always obsess about it. I strive to look good; I even put makeup on just to get the mail at the other end of my driveway. Well I always wonder, “Why do I always do this?” “Why do I always worry?” and even “What can I do to not care?”
• Step one is to stop over thinking, because most of the time just because you feel like you’re being judged, you actually aren’t. It’s hard to just judge everyone you meet. That includes looking at their flaws and analyzing their imperfections like they are some sort of test that you need to grade. One way to knock it off is to push you out of your own comfort zone and see what people, like your friend’s, say. Try to catch yourself when you’re over thinking things and do something about it, like looking away or thinking of a happy place.
• Step two; don’t forget to put things into perspective, say for instance, when you obsess about what others think you probably tend to put things under close watch under your mental microscope. If you don’t obsess about others and what they’re thinking then you tend to look at the big picture like “You’ll only get one chance at life you know.” So don’t let other people’s minds make your day less enjoyable. Say you’re wearing a purple hat that you absolutely adore…

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