Insecurities In Sherwood Anderson's Hands

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Everyone eventually comes across their own personal insecurities. Some people’s are worse than others. Sadly, they can easily get to the best of us and cause us to think different of ourselves. People’s insecurities affect the way they think of themselves because it stops them from being who they really.

In the story, “Hands” by Sherwood Anderson, it talks about a guy named Wing Biddlebaum, and he is insecure of his hands. He was a teacher and the boys at the school loved him. Biddlebaum would caress the boys with voice, and even with his hands. His actions were not made from wrong motives. However, one day, one of the boy’s dad came to the school and beat Biddlebaum for assuming that he was violating the little boy, After that, he ran into the darkness when a dozen of other men wanted to beat him as well. In the text, it states, “Wing Biddlebaum sprang to his feet and thrust his hands deep into his trousers pockets. Tear came to his eyes.” (Anderson 3) This shows that because of the false accusations and horrifying events, Biddlebaum thinks differently of his hands. He thinks that his hands are abnormal so he tries to hide them. It also shows that it stopped him from being the caring teacher he once used to be. His insecurities of
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Even though I had went through times where they have caused me to not be myself, I learned from those that I’m much more greater than it. Constantly thinking positively of yourself causes you to believe in those positive thoughts. It also starts to destroy the little voice in your head that creates those insecurities , or I like to call it, the Chatterbox. The Chatterbox has a lot of power over our minds, but once we start taking authority over it, that is when we can start being who we really and no insecurity would be able to change

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