The Importance Of Point Of View In Someone Else's Perspective

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Perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something. The importance of seeing a situation in someone else’s point of view can be imperative. In society, it is inevitable that everyone is going to possess a contradictory perception of something. Accepting different viewpoints alongside consideration is vital in achieving development of varied ideas. Initially, people may oppose a contradicting point of view, but contrasting insight can ultimately benefit them and expose them to alternatives they wouldn’t otherwise consider.

A personal experience in conjunction with the importance of someone else’s point of view, consists of a time when I attempted to help my friend, Katie with a relationship problem. She explained to me how she would get angry and jealous at her boyfriend’s actions; he would conversate with other lady friends. Katie made it clear that she was the jealous type
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The way she treated him after every assumption she made disgusted me. I was happy to have given her a reality check in order for her to get her relationship together. In addition, she gradually began to give into my point of view and pointers. Although, from time to time she would attempt to forage for a way to prove me wrong.

My point of view changed her perspective exceptionally. Initially, attempting to get her to comprehend and fully get a grasp on the true problem was difficult. In life, it is helpful to have others aid in locating the adequate conception to have trust in. In my case, Katie learned through my conception and now has a healthy relationship with her boyfriend. In proving to being that person whom changed someone else’s life in the best way possible, due to putting in your own opinion and perspective into the situation, goes to show the importance of seeing through someone else’s point of

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