The Importance Of Perspectives In The Pursuit Of Knowledge

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In the pursuit of knowledge, it is the knower who seeks information. How a person sees and comprehends this knowledge is adjusted when by society, and potentially a location. Each “knower” is different; some people can have multiple perspectives or perhaps a person could have an open mind. In my current status, I would have to agree with this statement because sometimes the perspective we have clouds our ability to understand different topics. Perspective helps us understand certain things due to the fact that we develop it from the knowledge we already have and from there we push forward. Because there are so many perspectives, it is difficult to just rely on the knower’s point of view because each person has different ways of understanding …show more content…
Faith is common in our everyday lives. For example, the placebo effect is one thing that tests people’s faith. On the occasion of taking any kind of medication, typically people put faith into it in hopes that it will work. Studies have show that people who are on a placebo with an illness tend to get slightly better . The placebo is simply putting blind faith into a medication, in hopes that it will make a person well again. With that in perspective we are able to see that sometimes with given information, we can perceive the possibility of better outcomes. Another example that falls under faith would be religion. When somebody takes after a religion, it implies they have full confidence in standards, thus they do their best to do no wrongs as indicated by within their faith. In light of this, people can either blindly or purposefully ignore types of knowledge because it may not coincide with their faith. Due to this, perspective is at a middle ground with faith for it depends on the knower’s beliefs and what they follow that will determine how they choose to interpret any kind of knowledge that is given to

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