Why I Should Be Lucky I Have The Tennessee Promise Scholarship

1640 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Rock Bottom I always say whenever I am in trouble I think that I am in “rock bottom”. Like when I have a bad grade, have a bad day at work, or when I get upset at my parents, I want to relate myself to rock bottom. But, if I look at my position from a different view, I should be lucky I have the Tennessee Promise scholarship to keep me in school, I should be happy that I am employed, and I should be blessed enough to have parents to even become upset about. I realize those little hardships is nowhere near rock bottom. Instead, rock bottom is when you are having horrible financial situations, go through extremely traumatic experiences, or when your health is exceptionally poor. First, understand what is not rock bottom. I work at the bowling alley in Franklin and I only make minimum wage. Some people may think that is a bad salary to have, but I am a college student living with my parents. I only have to take care of me for now so that cannot be rock bottom. In my mental state I recently broke up with a girl that cheated on me at prom. Yes I felt a little depressed and lonely about it, but we only dated for a few months. I know several good people that were married for over twenty years only to go through a divorce because their spouse cheated on them. When I look at the people that were cheated on after staying faithful to their spouse for over twenty years; I can only feel like they hit real rock bottom. For me, breaking up with a girl you only dated for a few months…

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