Rock Bottom In My Life

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Hitting rock bottom may be beneficial to you and sometimes horrific. It is a way to help us build from something that we may have lost or sometimes a place to begin at. Rock bottom is as far as it gets which means the only way is up. This can mean losing a job, family, friends, and even losing everything we own. Sometimes a life altering event is what it causes a person to realize what they’ve got and to take it for grant. When we are at rock bottom we are forced to look at ourselves with an uncomfortable, magnified scrutiny. I have faced many tragedies that have lead me to hit the lowest part of my life. Hitting rock bottom is what it takes to know what you’ve got. I lived with my grandparents for a couple of years during my high school education. Not like any other kids that are raised by grandparents. I happened to grow a strong relationship with my grandpa that was unstoppable. We were like batman and robin that could not be split. A tragedy happened to him and was sent to the hospital. He was hemorrhaging from the mouth and they did not know what was happening. A nurse ordered many different scans and noticed a big mass in his stomach. …show more content…
This disease wears down your bones and stiffens them little by little. There is no common cure for this so a person has to live this lifestyle till their life is done. It sucks that out of all the people my mom has to have it. What made me hit rock bottom in this situation is that I have to come home and hear my only mother complain about her body hurting and how she can hardly walk. I sometimes cry because I can do nothing in my power to relieve her pain as much as I would like to. When you have to endure seeing your mom like that it’s painful and it strips me away. My lesson in this example is to always love you mom no matter the situation. You never know what is going to be thrown at you in

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