Why I Should Be A Teacher Essay examples

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1. A. the areas where I am the strongest would be the empathy scale, which assesses the degree to which I identify feelings for others. I couldn’t agree more with that score because I enjoy the opportunity to meet others and identify their most important attributes. I take feelings into consideration when making choices. I feel the need to make every person feel as though they are welcomed and important in my life. Another strength of mine would be the intellectual interaction, which assesses my degree of seeking out knowledge of other cultural orientations. I really enjoy learning about more cultures and the way they live their lives. I feel it is important to learn more about what others to do, so I can grow in my own culture.
B. This test really shows the true person I am and the attitude I have with life. I enjoy being compassionate and unselfish. One of the reasons why I want to be a teacher because I have a compassion and concern to help a child grow into their full potential. My attitude on life is to accept another cultural point of view and interact in the right way. I know every person is different in their own way and that’s important. We are all human and all were made by God, but God created cultures to develop awareness of different beliefs. Working at Publix has really influenced the strengthens my scores. Working there has given me the opportunity to see firs hand the emotions of different cultural backgrounds. I get the chance to listen to stories that…

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