Why I Should Be A Teacher Essay

1260 Words Nov 22nd, 2014 null Page
Part One: I come from a very small town outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. My graduating class was close to one hundred kids. My town was very rural. We only had one stoplight up until this past year. I knew in second grade that I wanted to be a teacher. I occasionally would stray and look at other jobs, but I always came back to teaching. My mom is a high school Spanish teacher so I spent more time at the school than the normal kid. Most children would hate that. I, however, loved it. I would spend hours faking teaching a classroom or roaming the halls talking to other teachers. I believe that with the lifestyle I had, I was very much prepared for teaching, and this field experience in particular. I have spent the past couple weeks observing Small Hatchet Middle School. The town of Small Hatchet is pretty nonexistent and is right on a highway, just like my hometown. Small Hatchet also has a minuscule population. All the classes I observed held less than 20 students. The middle school even had to share their cafeteria with the high school because there was not a need for two. The classroom I observed was a 6th grade Western Geography class. The classroom was bright and had many decorations on the walls. Some decorations were related to the subject, while others held inspirational messages for the students. Every week the seats were arranged differently. This caused some problems and wasted time on the few days after a new seating arrangement. Many students would forget where…

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