Why I Have The Freedom For Working Everyday? Essay

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If it weren’t impossible, I’d give my two weeks notices. Why would I want to quit? Well, I am sure you have thought about it, therefore, your minds has came up with a lots reasons, Mine too. Don 't work at a 9 to 5 job, My brother, my daughter-law, my son-law, in addition to that my sister talking about leaving her job. I am 57 years old, they a lot younger than me. Just doesn 't seem fair. I work hard from my family to have what they need. Don 't you think for minutes that 's why I would leave. But why can I have the freedom for working everyday? To tell the truth of the matter, is I work during the school schedule, and I have the option to work in the summer. I don 't see, I have an option, only one paycheck is deposit into checking account every two weeks, and tax return is small, and use it for emergency for whole years. I am sure you have a been here, where the money doesn 't stretch enough to pay for your all your needs, but some how we make it happen. I don 't know why everything goes up in prices, but my paycheck stays the same. But I am lucky to have a job. The government funding is lacking, and possible is they will close our school, the workshop, and the shelter, although our special need students and special need adults will be affected the most.
Where does that leave me, I do have a stock, but I don 't get a big return. I had an oil mineral rights with my father property, and about twenty people hook to it, I received a check for a quarter for one year,…

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