Why I Enrolled And The Msn Program Essay examples

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Why I Enrolled in the MSN Program?
The longing of pursuing a graduate study became a dream come true. More than twenty years of preparation, reflection, and contemplation on how I can accomplish the desire to uplift my profession into the next level. I have been exploring for an online program that will satisfy my desire to discover the potential within me as a leader, a mentor, an agent of change, and a lifelong learner. I stumbled upon the University of San Francisco’s Master’s of Science in Nursing Clinical Nurse Leader (USF MSN-CNL) online program. After deliberating and speaking to people close to me who graduated from the program, I am convinced that the USF MSN-CNL is the answer to my craving for learning. The online program suits my need to be able to pursue my graduate study. Furthermore, I can fulfill my role as a mother and a wife.
The USF MSN-CNL program has a comprehensive platform that will encourage flexibility, critical thinking, and becoming adept to the ever-growing world of nursing profession. The role as a CNL is the newest role ever developed after more than three decades. This role will fulfill the need of the modern health care in bridging the gap in patient care (Harris, Roussel, & Thomas, 2014). The program encourages me to advocate more for my patients and provide the best quality care I can possibly can through a multidisciplinary approach and evidence-based strategies.
Most Meaningful Experiences in the MSN Program
Since the beginning of…

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