Why I Didn 't Get Up Essay

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Never Give Up
I have faced much adversity in my life. The one time in my life where I feel I have faced the most adversity, was in basketball. Throughout my life I have loved playing basketball, but in ninth through eleventh grade in high school I started to hate it, because of all the adversity I faced. There were many factors that were tied up into all of this too. One factor was that I use to be so nervous playing, that it affected my game in a negative way. Another factor that tied into this was that I never got a true opportunity to really show how I can could play and help the team. The last factor that tied into this was that I wasn’t part of the clique of players that always played and hung out with each other. All these factors affected my love for the game of basketball and I knew I had to do something, so I did.

I have always been somewhat of a nervous person, especially at the start of something like meeting new people or the beginning of a sports season like basketball. Most players are a little nervous during that first game of the season, like in basketball. That nervousness usually goes away for most people after you start playing for a few minutes, but if you don’t play a lot you never really have that opportunity for it to go away. That was exactly my position playing basketball at the first high school I went to from ninth through eleventh grade. The coaches never really gave me a chance to play long enough for my nervousness to go away. So whenever…

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