Essay about Why I Chose The Management Major

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Initially I was a Kelley major, however after getting inspired by my trip to Kenya, I realized that it was best if I looked into a major from SPEA. I learnt about SPEA as I was doing research on what majors allowed me to benefit others and myself as well. The SPEA website organizes all the majors it has and describes each one in detail. As I slowly eliminated all the other majors, I came down to the human resources management major and management major. I wanted to fulfill both my financial prosperity desires as well as my ambition to help the poor. Hence, I chose the management major, which enabled me to do a little of both. Growing up in Hong Kong as a third culture child, I always wanted to pursue the career of my choice. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way because my parents wanted otherwise. At an early age, I was habituated by my parents and my surroundings, into thinking that money was everything and that I should pursue a career in business in order to be wealthy. Hong Kong stands as one of the world’s leading international financial centers, where major businesses are extremely successful because of its well-established global financial market. Residing in Hong Kong inaccurately showed me that financial success was everything a person could wish for, however coming into college enabled me to change my perspective and life goals on what I actually wanted to do for myself and the world. After my first semester in college, I went on a trip to Kenya in 2014…

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