Why I Am Starting? Essays

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I think that I am starting to understand the content and I am feeling satisfied about it! When I sit down and read it with my full attention, I can read efficiently. This means I am picking up on the side remarks Joe is making, and I did not appreciate them. On page 71, the man finds it hard (emotionally) to share the picture of the two boys that got shot. Joe, on the other hand, is dying to see the picture. Then, he puts the picture in his pocket and thinks, “…who’s to say they’ll be too heavy tomorrow?” AS if the picture will not convey the same emotion a few hours later! That made me a tad angry. He says something similar on one of the next pages. The last thought of chapter three is, “Man, I wish I’d seen the soldiers firing the tear gas…wish I’d seen that baby.” Would a sane person say such a thing? I do not understand why anybody would want to see something like that. I understand if he wanted a picture of that so he could share it with his journalists. His comments are questionable to me. After reading the beginning of chapter four, I am not sure if I should be more impressed or depressed. This prison exponentially grew. The man who was telling the story said something along the lines of, sections within sections of people. Like section labeled with letters and then subsections within those. I am impressed as to how they managed to basically form a working government within the prisoner community. They taught fourteen people how to read! That made me something. It…

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