Essay on Why I Am Pro Life

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Abortion has been a very controversial and sensitive topic since the legalization of the procedure in 1988. Those in favour of legal abortions are considered pro-choice, while those who oppose are pro-life. Douglas Groothius’s short essay titled “Why I am pro-life, a short, non-sectarian argument” briefly explains his perspective on abortion. Groothius believes the procedure should be illegal under nearly all circumstances, with only one exception: if the pregnancy is threatening to the mother’s life. Groothius considers abortion to be murder, as abortion is the surgical or chemical removal of a fetus from the mother, thus killing the fetus. I strongly disagree with Groothius 's opinion; I believe abortion should be legal under any and all circumstances, as it currently is. Groothius focuses on three main points to persuade his readers: the assumption that humans deserve special consideration, the union of personhood and humanity, and the moral code.
Groothius first argues that humans “are special and worthy of unique moral consideration” (1). However, Groothius leaves the mother 's rights and the potentially improper environmental circumstances out of this special “moral consideration” humans are allegedly worthy of. In his argument, it seems as though the only humans worthy of this unique consideration are unborn fetus’s, as Groothius repeatedly ignores the emotions and lives of those carrying and caring for the child. Groothius states:“An unwanted pregnancy is…

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