Why I Am My Pediatric Rotations Motivating Me Essay

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The early morning bicycle rides were always so refreshing. Sitting behind my brother, I loved the way the chirping of birds grew louder and then fainter. That day, as usual, I was lost in my dream world where children could play all day long and be happy. The next moment I realized, my foot was entangled in the rear wheel spokes of the bicycle; I saw a pool of blood and I fainted. In the ER, I woke up in pain; a feeling of dread came over me. The long white coat was intimidating, yet the person behind it gained my trust and made me feel better. My foot healed well, and the eight year old in me was impressed and intrigued.

Growing up as a military kid, I cultivated discipline, adaptability, compassion and an industrious nature in myself. My insatiable curiosity of how the human body functions and my natural ability to make an empathetic connection with people gave me the confidence and conviction to pursue medicine. I fondly remember my pediatric rotations motivating me to put in long hours to earn the trust of a toddler and an adolescent, each requiring different approaches. The little ones with their remarkable resilience and spirited attitude left an indelible influence on me. From battling neurocysticercosis to being a victim of malnutrition, these children recuperated with timely and precise treatment.

Having trained as a doctor in India, allowed me to develop a strong academic and clinical base. For a research study, under the guidance of a wonderful mentor, I…

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