Why I Am About English 110 Essay

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Final Essay
If I was to talk about English 110, I would say that I have learned a lot throughout this semester. There were many struggles I have faced, but overall it was a fun class to be in.
When I first came into this classroom, I felt it was going to be useless because I already took English 110 and English 111 in high school. The reason was because I got the opportunity to study English 110 and 111 due to my grades. What made me have to take this class again in college is because I wasn’t planning to go to ICC, so I didn’t pay for it as a credit. What took me by surprise is that this semester of English was quite challenging but also fun at the same time.
With my first project, I was very proud of my end result. I loved it because the topic was what defined me. Personal essay is very interesting and I love writing about my point of view. I have learned different subjects and content to write about, one example was memoir. This time, I also have learned how to write a collage essay. Throughout this writing, I have found many things about myself. What this project taught me the most was putting information to form an final report. This really can apply to real life situations. After writing the essay, it was my first time doing peer review and one-on-one conference. When I took English 110 and 111 in high school, I didn’t get the opportunity to do this. With this class, peer review and one-on-one conference have helped me so much with revising my papers. It give me…

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