Why I Am A Writer And I Will Never Be A Great Writer Essay

1038 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
Throughout this semester, I have learned a lot about how to write a good essay. am not a great writer and I will never be a great writer. My writing this semester has been below average. I find my writing to be very basic and it doesn 't grab the reader’s attention. I have more weaknesses in my writing than strengths.
The first thing in the writing process is to choose a topic. My topics during this semester have been ok but nothing outside the box that would grab a reader’s attention. My first paper was a review on the television show How to Get Away With Murder. A review on How to Get Away with Murder was a major mistake because I picked one of the most complicated television show to review. How to Get Away With Murder is very complicated to understand because there are a lot of flashbacks and flash forwards. Trying to putting in words how and when a flashforward or flashback happen was very difficult. However, I did have a favorite topic I choose. My favorite topic was the gender pay gap in Hollywood. I chose it because I was interested in the topic and wanted to read more about how women in Hollywood are effected by the gender pay gap. One thing I learned this semester when choosing a topic is to know your limits and think about whether or not you can put things in words very well. Also, pick a topic that interest or one that you and want to learn more about.
The title of an essay is very important. The title is supposed to grab the readers attention and let them know…

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