Why I Am A Terrible Driver Essay

1607 Words Dec 15th, 2016 7 Pages
It was a year ago that I was first hit with the utterly shocking realization that I was on the brink of adulthood, with no conceivable plan for the navigation of such. I was driving my car alarmingly fast down an empty country road when my back tires hit a remarkably slick patch of ice, and proceeded to spin quickly into a ditch. Sitting in the ditch gifted me a peaceful time of contemplation, allowing me to come to the realization that I had absolutely no clue how to get myself out of the dilemma. Reversing wouldn’t work, driving forward wouldn’t work, and my door was pinned shut by a tree I had sideswiped on my way down. Two years behind the wheel had taught me the basics of the road; I knew what different sign colors and shapes meant, the exact distance for tailing other vehicles, and even the precise angle my tires should be at when parking on the right side of a sloped road. None of this though, translated into actual, real life skill. I’m a terrible driver, and then I was a terrible driver stuck in a ditch. Unfortunately, this ill-preparedness seeps over into other aspects of my life as well. Despite holding a job for nearly two years, I have no idea as to how taxes work. I eat three meals a day, yet cannot cook. I live in a globally connected would, but would fail at listing the countries on a map. After twelve years of standard education, it is clear that in the full scheme of the universe, I know very little. Our modern education system allows for even the most…

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