Why I Am A Good Thing Essays

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I 'm not a really religious kind of guy, but I do believe in plenty. I believe in a good, I believe if you do good things, good things happen, and vice versa. I believe in second chances, and making mistakes. I’ve learned that people will say anything to keep themselves above water. Family, and close friends will become enemies, and enemies will become family. At the end of the day everyone will eventually show the true person they are inside. However, this is America and money is power. Money rules everything, and the people you thought you knew best, will surprise you as if they were a stranger. When I was 4, my mom passed away in a car accident in Seattle Washington, where I was born. After she passed, I moved to anderson to live with my grandparents, I 'm 17 now and I 've been there ever since. My grandmother has raised me and given me any and everything I 've ever needed or wanted. I wouldn 't say i 'm a spoiled kid, but as far as nice clothes and food to eat, my grandparents always made sure I had the best. I was a bad kid I guess you could say. Always fighting, talking back to my teachers, that sort of thing. I made it up until the 7th grade at Robert Anderson and got expelled for the first time. I went to alternative school, and was introduced to, who is now a close friend of mine, and boxing coach, Robert owen. I started boxing, and starting behaving better when they let me back in Robert Anderson my 8th grade year. I fought 7 J/O boxing matches and won 6.…

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