Essay on Why I Am A Good Friend

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I was adamant about explaining my refusal to BC. Since I consider her my younger sister, I felt it was inevitable that she would be hurt by my refusal. BC was hurt and wanted to convince me because she had promised Fred thinking I would not refuse her request. This was evident through her eyes and countenance. BC was not angry at me, nor was I angry at her about anything. I felt that I had lost a good friend because of my refusal, and expected her to be rude to me in some way, but she acted very mature and understanding.
Personally, I felt that she might have been hurt for three reasons. First, that I consider her my younger sister; secondly, she and I go to the same church; thirdly that we were classmates too, and fourthly for offending her by refusing to give a ride to a congregant whom she had given her word. Since I am a Pakistani, my refusal would have been very appropriate for two major reasons. First, that I am a PI, which meant that a male congregant and a representative of pastors could not be riding together; and secondly, that I was a female, a male could not have ever requested a female for a ride. Perhaps since BC is a white Caucasian, riding with a male did not strange to her, but to me, it did.
According to the situation, I was a PI in that setting. Since I was representing the Vineyard Church, I was mindful of what I was saying, to whom, and why. Also, by personality, I am an ESTJ, which means that I have the gifts of extraversion, sensing, thinking and…

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