Why I Am A Class Essay

804 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
While taking a class in college, many people just go through the motions and show up to class to get the job done. But after taking my first English Composition class this fall I realized how much important material and knowledge I have gained. During the class we learned everything from little bits of grammar to writing six page papers. Learning how to start the drafting process on a paper and build an effective was by far the most important skill I have learned in class. Being able to effectively write a paper is such an important skill and I will need this skill for classes that I will be taking for my major. With being able to write a great paper comes some important skills such as; starting an introduction, being able to incorporate sources into my writing, and using convincing evidence along with vivid details. When starting a paper, you need to know how to effectively hook a reader and keep their attention. This is where knowing how to start an introduction comes in to play. During the semester we were taught a very important brainstorming technique which is called free writing. During a free write, we would brainstorm ideas on our topic and just start writing down anything that comes to mind about our topic. This process would many times create my main topics and then I would be able to start my body paragraphs. We also learned how to hook the reader by efficiently using a hook sentence in our introduction paragraph. Many times, we learned what a thesis sentence…

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