Why Education Is Important For Success Essay

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I am probably complicating an easy question, but I’ll try to answer. I’m not convinced there should be any particular order of importance. I would, however, suggest that all three in fact compliment each other and no one element has a corner market of success over another. Although formal education has long been used as setting the benchmark towards a foundation in a variety of professional disciplines, I 'm not convinced it serves as the gold standard for success. In reading the biographies of our class, it occurs to me our varying exposures to learning have allowed us to pursue individual opportunities and navigate through our own personal objectives. For our actions and decision making, we all seem to have achieved moderately successful careers. We aspire for more and look to higher education to open other possibilities. This will perhaps set us apart from others in later competitive fields. Education is therefore an important gateway into professional organizations, particularly for those who are veterans of the working world. We often do this to continue formalized training in order to stay ahead of current trends.

The Bureau places an emphasis on a combination of formalized education and experience when hiring agents. An undergraduate degree is a prerequisite for hire but work experience is also a requirement. Work experience allows the FBI to gauge prospective employees through past performance. When I came in during the mid-90 's, Director Louis Freeh…

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