Why Does America Not Have Free Education? Essay

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What do Denmark, Slovenia, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway, and Finland have in common? They all have the policy of free or very little tuition for college. The average debt for U.S students in 2014 was 28,950. With the U.S being the richest country in the world, it poses the question why does America not have free education? The workforce today is not like what it used to be. Students rarely sustain a formidable financial life with solely a high school diploma. College students on average, make $120 less a week than a person with an associates degree. The kids know that college is important as well! A study showed that 96% of people said that post-secondary education was important (Wiener 3). Bottom line is that in order to be financially successful in America, a person most likely should have at least an associate’s degree. The problem is not whether or not people want to go to college; it is whether or not they can afford to go to college. Furthermore, 79% of surveyors said that college wasn’t affordable for people who needed it. In America we have a well-known slogan of equal opportunity for all, and if you work hard enough you can achieve the American dream of being financially successful. Unfortunately in this system the “American Dream” strictly pertains to the upper class. So if the system is broken, it must be fixed. Before I go into the specific argument I must define the type of college and the requirements to be eligible for this benefit. In…

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