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7 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Marketing in 2017
Let’s bid adieu to 2016 and welcome the marketing changes we’ll see in 2017. I think I can speak on behalf of all of us to say that we could use a breather. Take moment, settle down, and melt into a cup of tea while we prepare for the blizzards of the upcoming year.

Our Tackle Topics for this Blog Post:
Why Make an App?
Video Marketing - Your Business, but Better
Figure Out Who’s Listening
Social Media Marketing - Use it or Lose it
SMS Messaging - The Low-Cost Favorite
Blah Blogs - Not Just Another Business Blog
Revisiting the Past, but Not Reliving It
Number 1: Make an App
You’re in line at your local coffee shop flicking through the somewhat daunting and definitely overpriced coffee choices. Of course, you can feel the stony eyes of a bearded beret-wearing twenty-something behind you. While it seems like everyone in the place was inwardly hissing at you, take a real look around. Most of the other coffee sommeliers are padding through their laptops or sifting through photos of their coffee in different filters.
You’re going to have to do a lot more than bumble through a coffee order to grab their attention, consider a mobile app.

My Top 3 Budget-Friendly App-Makers
1. Magmito
You’ve probably heard or seen them on USA Today or Engadget, but this company lets you create your own app with tons of different integrations for only $9.99/ month.
2. Shoutem
This app is awesome if you’re a small business trying…

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