Expansion Of Mobile Programming

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Mobile devices become more and more important in our lives. Actually, it become global trend to have smartphone. Mobile programming following smartphone movement become one of the most innovative programming. Almost any customer nowadays asking programmers to make for them website that support mobile devices. Statistic also in past few years show that mobile browsing is becoming more popular than desktop PCs or laptops. How important that can be for programmers and how they responding on that? There is many proofs that focusing on mobile programming is growing opportunity for programmers.
Expansion of mobile devices

Today almost everybody using smartphones. They are light and portable so people carrying them anywhere. What makes
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With expansions of mobile devices internet also became faster. Nowadays many devices support 4g and Wi-Fi. It is all about speed and how fast people can search internet. Today almost is impossible imagine life with known internet. People got used do internet help. Anytime we need something and we don’t have information we ask Google. People use apps with internet every day. In the past few years over billion people connected on the mobile device. It used to be slogan “Every home will have PC”, but now they say “I believe every pocket will have handheld”. On the smartphone is many apps that need internet connections. Those internet based apps help do get information in right time on the right place. Example looking for cheaper price of gas, there is many apps for that that will search internet and give us updated prices with locations of gas stations. There is thousands of applications today what work with internet. Apple invented first voice command “Siri” on iPhone 4s. Siri was basic app using internet to recognize voice and answer some basic questions. Siri is expanding from then and using internet nowadays Siri answer just about anything you ask it. This is example of one application what use internet connection to do search and help people. It is useful when user is busy driving and want to do quick internet search like ask for closest restaurants, ATM, gas stations, …show more content…
They are becoming primary communication and access to internet for some people. That huge change happened 2007 when the iPhone fist touch screen smartphone become available. Since then growth in mobile technology was huge. Android derived their smartphone and many more different brands. To meet needs many web developer companies beginning projects of developing sites for mobile devices. From statistics in 2013 there was “500,000 aps for iOS and 260,000 for android”. Following smartphones there is also expansion of new generations of internet and cloud computing. That all give us more portability and mobility. Priority is designing for different screen devices, browsers and processing speed. But that is not all “great mobile sites start with function over form”. To satisfy the peculiarities of mobile devices functionality is very important. So user interface without functionality will damage user reliance. Because of different size of screen user experience and performance will differ from device to device. There is definitely more work for programmer to develop CSS code for desktop PCs and also d to develop code for smartphones. Mobile devices have different capability of processing data and it is will be slow to process huge webpages mad for PC. So there is strategy cutting of code and so it load it faster with same accessibility of data. They must be simple and fast, so users can communicate quickly. Is it mobile

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