Zigama Credit And Savings Society Case Study

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20. ZIGAMA Credit and Savings Society (ZIGAMA CSS) is a financial cooperative with a membership exclusively made of security organs of the state (army and police). ZIGAMA CSS Bank was made in order to improve the livelihood of security members. Having been founded in August 1997 (officially inaugurated in March 1999), it was operating from its headquarter in Kigali but as it earned profits, it has expanded its network and opened some branches across the country .

21. ZIGAMA CSS Bank works intensively with the intention of sustaining growth and achieving welfare targets in an increasingly competitive environment by structuring its balance sheet appropriately while mainly relying on internal resources.
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CSS ntuma is a technology in money transfer that allows clients to send or receive money instantaneously from wherever they may be. It is established to re-adjust the bank’s services to meet clients’ demands. Since inception, it has helped members to receive money through CSS wide network. It does not require having an account in CSS in order to use CSS NTUMA …show more content…
International money transfer: Ever expanding and improving its services to meet money transfer needs. Zigama CSS will soon launch its International Money Transfer service in partnership with Afripayments.
c. Atm facility : Automated Teller Machines allow clients to withdraw money at any time of the day and any day of the week. In order to facilitate access and convenience, Zigama CSS has ATM installed at its Head Offices and others will soon be deployed at all branch headquarters.
d. Sms banking is a mobile technology that allows you to request and receive banking information from your bank on your mobile phone via short message service (sms). Individuals or corporate bodies can manage their bank accounts, check their account balances, and Check their loans status using their mobile phones. There are two methods of SMS widely used in applications; they are the PUSH & PULL. Push SMS is sending a message from the SMS Banking application (i.e. SMS Server in this case) to the Mobile Phone. It is a one way message. In other words, it's the SMS banking application that initiates a message. Pull SMS is sending a request and obtaining a reply. This is a full duplex scenario where a user sends a request to the SMS banking application and the application replies with the information requested. An Example is when a user requests his bank account

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