Case Study Of Mobile Marketing

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By taking the present condition of the all the industries in India one of the top leading industries in the present scenario is telecommunication industry of India. The expansion and growth of this industry has been seen since the last 50 years and every consecutive year its increasing more and more. Nowadays, every person is aware about a mobile phone be it a normal grocery vendor or a big business tycoon. Everybody knows how to operate a mobile phone.
Marketing through a mobile channel is known as Mobile marketing which undoubtedly consists of a lot of uniqueness, complexity, business skills, marketing expertise and a mix of technologies. Mobile marketing is slowly and slowly becoming a primary means to reach out to our customers.
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Through repeated collaboration process they were able to know the key players which were essential for the growth of mobile marketing and also they used to outline the action proposals together for simulating the growth of mobile marketing.
The participants were invited to take part in the collaboration process who were basically senior executives in charge of global or regional strategy of the leading global consumer brand corporations and advertising agency networks. One of the researchers who had studied the barriers and drivers of the fields thoroughly took the initiative to take the suggestions and the perceptions of the participants by interviewing them
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Spam is basically a form of Mobile Spamming marketing communication which can be destructive for the gadget and as we can go through email spam on mobile phones so it somehow affects the customer’s phone.
Mobile Malware and Viruses
Mobile Malware and Viruses can also effect the efficacy of mobile marketing as it tends to give a doubt in the consumers mind whether they should trust the company sending or not. Viruses just like they used to harm computers can also harm mobile phones. They can get inside the mobile phones through SMS, MMS, Bluetooth. Viruses tend to slower down the devices , delete the files in the device, they can stop the devices to work properly temporarily or even permanently .
Another risk in mobile marketing is data security. Consumers are facing the problem of data manipulation, unauthorized data access, and unwanted tracking of usage patterns. Through mobile marketing marketers can reach the consumers easily they tend to harm the privacy of consumers by violating it.
The suggestions the author gave to marketers were:
• Data may be used only for the specific purposes for which it was

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