Why Do Violent Videogames Incite Violent Behavior? Essay

1213 Words Mar 28th, 2016 null Page
Considering the diversity of questions with numerous answers this question is considered: What causes violence? This is a question that seems to have no right answer, by the fact that the public has not reached a consent. For instance, some people may possibly blame the behavior of their current society; other people (usually workers), may blame the cause of violence on accumulated stress from work, and others may even say that the cause of violent acts are martial arts (karate, judo, and others). And what about violent videogames? Do violent videogames incite violent behavior? Before answering this question, let us analyze how the video games earned the acceptance by the public in the past few decades. In fact, its popularity became so noticeable that the videogames industry may be on the same level or higher, in terms of selling, than the music and film industry. A huge contributor to this growth is the continuous boost of technology, which automatically incites the videogames industry to follow its steps; in other words, both sectors are directly proportional. By directly proportional, I mean whenever one evolves the other one evolves at the same pace. Also, we noticed that over the years the society is demanding more of the videogames industry; and such demands can only be satisfied with the development of new technologies. Though not certainly, gamers look for features such as better graphics, more realism, more violence and usually less reading in videogames…

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