Why Do Teachers Not Practice What They Believe Regarding Technology Integration?

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Article Critique
The integration of technology in the classroom has changed not only for how the instructors teach but how students learn within the classroom environment. Thus, problems still remain pertaining to how teachers integrate technology with significant instruction. The following paper is a critique of Chen (2008) article, “Why Do Teachers Not Practice What They Believe Regarding Technology Integration? The following critique will discuss the connection between what students are willing to learn versus the educator’s awareness and knowledge on how to use technological practices alongside traditional pedagogical methods due to teacher’s beliefs on deciding how to integrate technology in the classroom.
Theoretical Framework
The author cited that the application of teacher preparation and educational practices were vital to student academic achievement. The study of technology outside of the teacher’s abilities tended to be the main focus upon one feature aspect of learning: personal concepts, practical philosophies or ideologies. Further, teacher’s technological use and pedagogical theories were considered but merited additional research. Chen (2008) chosen to take into reason to “explore the reasons for any inconsistency between teacher beliefs and teacher practices” (p.65) hereby lending investigations into stabilizing the inconsistent incorporation of technological integration amongst reviewed and revised educational polices. The review is inclusive and…

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