Why Do Men Abuse Their Wives?

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Why do men abuse their wives? The story of men abusing their wives is a practice that has been prevailing for many years in the world. Women have been subjected to violence and are being treated badly for centuries. Men had mistreated women as slaves who were supposed to obey them without necessarily raising any questions. Men had dominated over women and issued orders that women were expected to follow. These relationships were common all over the world in male-dominated societies. Wife battling has widely become a part of different cultures where majority of men use it to remind women of their weak position so that they should remain under control of them (Hamberger, and Claire 33).
Men consider wife beating as part of obedience in the relationship. According to different religions and societies, women are anticipated to submit to their husbands and other family members. In both Islam and Christianity for example, women are ordered to submit to their husbands as well as their in-laws. When women who are bound by these religions fail to obey their husbands, they are subjected to violence by men as way of justifying their rights. It means that men can give themselves the right to abuse their wives as a defense against women disobedience (Cate, and Downey,44).
However, this factor cannot be considered as the main reason why
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However, studies have shown that most women stick with their husbands even if they are abused frequently or regularly. Women stay with their abusive husbands for several reasons. First women are willing to undergo abuse if they have children. There is the fear that if they divorce their husbands, the lives of children will be shattered. They accept the situation and try to cope with it so that the well-being of their children is not compromised. Practically, it is not possible as most abusive husbands are also violent with the children (Lind, Amy, and Stephanie

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