Analysis: A Nation On The Fence

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A Nation on the Fence over Abuse
A man knows early in life that if they want to have a happy home, where they would come home to every day after working hard to meet the needs of the family. Most are taught early by society that a man loves his wife and children, while caring for them physically and financially. In many cases they are not taught how to effectively deal with the inevitable frustrations and disagreements in a relationship. Unfortunately some men are so unequipped to deal with these circumstances that violence is their solution. In August Wilson’s play Fences we see how the lead character, Troy, was unequipped to handle the occasional stress of a relationship. In review of the character Troy the issue of abuse in domestic relationships
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Troy’s job as a trash collector was never enough. He always wanted more, and had a desire to work harder and move up the ladder. Unfortunately for Troy the country had not developed enough to allow him the opportunities he craved, without a fight. Once Troy left home at fourteen he became a criminal in order to survive and one day, as a result of his crimes, a man died. (Fences Act I Scene IV) He spent fifteen years in prison, which caused him to determine never again to be in that situation. Troy worked hard every day after he left prison toward his goal of becoming a major league baseball player. Because of the times he was never able to reach that goal because according to his wife he was born too soon. Many of these are considered barriers or even fences that Troy has had to overcome in his life. (Shmoop Editorial Team) These are all glimpses into Troy’s determination to never return to the life he once …show more content…
Rose was a strong woman who decided to stand beside Troy through the proverbial thick and thin. Rose met Troy in his prime as a man and a baseball player. Troy was a very good baseball player and by all accounts a very popular one with the ladies, yet Troy saw Rose as a woman who he would be able to settle down with. After many attempts to convince Rose to be his, Troy finally convinces her with the promise of devotion after outlasting baseball. (Fences Act I Scene I) For many years Troy gives Rose that devotion and dedication, and somewhere along the road of life other things get in between them. It could have been Troy’s brother Gabriel or even the birth of Cory, but either way things got in between Rose and Troy. (Fences Act I Scene II) When Troy began to feel overwhelmed his reaction would be verbal and sometimes physical abuse. He drove a wedge between himself and Rose with each incident. The final straw was Troy fathering a child with Alberta, and to add further insult to injury, bringing the child home to Rose after Alberta dies. (Fences Act II Scene II) Troy spent the last years of life without the love and admiration of those closest to him because the victims had finally had enough of his abuse. The one person who was there for him through so much joy in his life had now began to hate him as she raised his illegitimate

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