Argumentative Essay: Domestic Violence Against Women

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“Recent evidence from the best designed studies indicates that intimate partner violence is committed by both genders with often equal consequences” (Mahnkey). Domestic violence is often seen as only women being the victims and not men. “The office of violence against women, part of the U.S. Department of Justice, defines domestic abuse as a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that can be used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner” (Domestic Violence). Domestic violence is a very serious issue that is occurring everywhere around the world. Intimate partner violence is connected to negative behaviors, many victims find different types of ways to deal with their torture, which include smoking, …show more content…
“A national survey of married and cohabiting partners found that 8 percent of women engaged in severe partner violence, while only 4 percent of men were involved in severe violence.” (Mahnkey) “Women are Responsible for More Domestic Violence than are Men” by Carey Roberts explains how a women hurt her partner who was defensive and couldn 't do anything about it. “Crocodile tears of remorse were shed by the bucket-full. Washionfore confessed, ‘I have slapped a man down before, quite hard, but I love him so I felt bad because well it’s abusive.’” (Roberts) In a document by Carey Roberts, “Women are Responsible for More Domestic Violence than are Men” shows how a woman abuses her partner by slapping him on a daily basis and he always like other men can not defend themselves by hitting them back. “ ‘I have slapped my boyfriend on a semi- regular basis. It always hurts me more than it hurts him. And he usually agrees that he deserves it.’ Azi’s comment, ‘I have to say I think he may have had it coming,’ was the common pretext.”

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