Why Do I Want To Be A Crisis Counselor

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If I could have planned my life coming out of the womb, I would have. God has gifted me with the ability to plan and organize, unfortunately I get carried away with myself sometimes (a lot of the time.)
The middle school era in a person’s life is when you first start to hear the phrase “what do you want to do with the rest of your life?” I don’t think anyone expects a middle schooler to answer that question with one hundred percent clarity, and even if they do it’s assumed that they will change their mind by the time they graduate from high school. I was one that thought I knew exactly what I wanted from life, I wanted to be a crisis counselor. That was it. I felt “certain” that what God was calling me to.
In my freshman year of high school
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They would often hold church events that were non-school related that I would attend. Some students that attended started internships at our church in Upper Michigan (only about a two hour drive away), and I began to build friendships with the students even though I was not yet a student. Throughout this season of my life I was developed and enriched by other believers, and I felt so much like I was moving closer to the things that God had for me. But I am not so sure that I was actively pursuing God. I was complacent in my bubble-like comfort zone, I was learning incredible things but I wasn’t being called forth into the gloriousness of God’s …show more content…
When I surrendered that earthly goal to Him he put a desire like no other for ministry. At times it almost felt like a physical hunger, I couldn’t imagine myself being fulfilled any other way.
In the beginning to mid portion of my Senior year I found an envelope in my mailbox from Grace Bible College, both I and my Mom were intrigued so we set up an appointment to tour the campus. When we got here there was something very scary about it all, this was something so out of my comfort zone. But we both sensed this was where God was calling me to, and I was in love with the classes offered in the ministry program. So with the Lord this time I made my decision: I would be a student at Grace Bible College.
Since arriving on campus and actually being a student, it’s so overwhelming and stressful meeting all kinds of new people when I am generally a self-conscious person. But the second day that I was here the Lord encountered me in a very real way. He said: “Abigail, you are going to have to make the decision every day to trust in Me, trust in the plan that I have laid out for

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