Educational Philosophy Statement And Analysis

The most important way for someone to determine if they really would like to join a certain profession is to observe and seek guidance from those who are currently working within the same career field. This is most certainly important for future teachers because although you do not comprehend it as a student, teaching is a very challenging job that requires a lot of drive, energy, patience, knowledge, and determination. In New York City, we have some of the most diverse classroom of students that any other city in the world. The students have a range in knowledge levels on subjects being taught and a teacher must be able to meet the needs of their classroom. In order to meet these needs it is crucial for the teacher to be able to inspire students …show more content…
Furthermore, I expect to change the perception of students who think learning Spanish is difficult. I want my students to realize early on that learning a second language can actually be fun.

Some of the most important things I learned, aside from inspiring students, is having strong classroom maintenance skills and just being comfortable to speak with large groups of people. The majority of the classes I observed had a minimum of 30-35 students, so having to juggle that many personalities is a pretty tough job. My cooperating teacher makes this look so easy, but she told me that classroom maintenance is something that I will learn as I progress as a teacher. She mentioned to me that it is all about “knowing my students”. I must say, I agree with the sentiment, because she has students who are so eager to learn, but a select few cause disruptions and can sometimes make the work environment a little hectic. I can already see that this is something that I will have to get adjusted to when I make my transition from student to teacher. I’ve always been the type of person to take on a challenge, and I think my personality will make for a great teacher. These things are really important because ultimately at the end of the day, I am responsible for these students, and
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My biggest priority when I report to my first teaching assignment is to develop a strong student-teacher relationship. I think it’s vital for the overall success for learning. I plan to go in the school and learn from my colleagues as well. One of the most important valuable things I learned from Danielson’s Framework for Teaching is that a teacher should always be willing to learn in the classroom and outside of the classroom. I plan to learn as much as possible through workshops and conferences, so that I can make sure that I am putting my best foot forward at all times to help my students succeed. Not only that, you can sense the camaraderie between the staff and

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