Progressivism Reflection

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Schools would not exist without the presence of students. The students are the heart of each academic institution. WIthout them there would be no reason for schools to exist therefore there would be no need for teachers. The teacher’s primary job is to ensure that their student receive the best quality in education with the knowledge they have at their disposal.
Therefore because it is the students that the schools are centered around, I align my educational philosophy with progressivism. Progressivism is a type of teaching style in which the primary focus is on the student. According Cohen the author of the article Philosophical Perspectives in Education, “Progressives believe that education should focus on the whole child, rather that on the content or the teacher” (1999). Progressivism encourages their students to think and get involved with the material. Ideally the students should use their outside of the classroom experience to learn and to work
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Within the journal, they will write about a current issue within the world. They then would reflect upon and give their opinion on the issue they are researching. The third part of this journal will be a free write about themselves. They can tell me anything about what 's going on in their life, whether it is a story or an event that is going on. This will allow me to get an understanding of my students. The fourth and final part of this journal will be to write about how they are doing in the class and what they can do to improve. In this section also, they can talk to me directly and say what I can do to ensure that they get a good education. Also will allow me to understand the concerns of the students and what they plan to enable to better themselves in the classroom. This is a way for me to get an understanding of my students so I can find that balance between an individual learner and the classroom as a

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