My Observation Of Ms. Vanneman's First Grade Class

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Walking into Ms. Vanneman’s first grade class on the first day of my observation, I expected first grade to be an extension of kindergarten. I thought that first grade was the transitional period before real learning took place. I expected the students to still be learning about shape, size, color, the alphabet, and proper classroom etiquette. I was quickly proven wrong and my expectations were blown. This first grade class was reading, spelling, solving math problems from memory, writing paragraphs, and for the most part was really well behaved. I was so captivated and amazed at the fact that these five – six year olds could write paragraphs. Not only could they write paragraphs but they actually understand the structure of them. I sat there …show more content…
Vanneman’s classroom management skills are impeccable. Part of the reason I wanted to stay away from 1st grade was class room management. 1st graders have the reputation of being very wiggly and not quite classroom ready. However, Ms. Vanneman has her class completely under control and she does so using basic/practical methods. Ms. Vanneman ensures that the day flows smoothly and the classroom environment stays conducive to learning through organizing the physical environment of the classroom, identifying a small set of rules and procedures, interacting with the students about rules and procedures, reviewing the classroom rules and procedures when necessary, and recognizing and acknowledging lack of adherence to the classroom rules and procedures. The physical setting of Ms. Vanneman’s classroom is very similar to Marzano’s figure 6.2 in chapter six of The Art of Science of Teaching. Her whole group learning takes place either on the rug or at their desks, small group learning takes place in centers, and individual one on one learning takes place at a table in the back of the classroom. Each method of instruction has a set of procedures each including assigned seating. For example, when instruction is taken place on the rug the students are to be sitting “criss cross applesauce and quiet as a mouse”. Their hands are to be folded in their laps at all times unless they are raising their hands to ask or answer questions and their voices are to be off. They also have a sign …show more content…
Vanneman also has smooth transitions and monitors the classroom well. She has a designated place and procedure for finished work (finished work box), procedures for what to do when assignments are finished early (when I’m done activities) and procedures for what to do if the assignment isn’t done before the class needs to move on to the next task (they slide unfinished work under their desk). When the class is going to be transitioning to another activity and she needs to give instruction she uses her bell. The students immediately ready for instruction.
Ms. Vanneman’s classroom management is a distinct contrast to the Spanish teacher’s classroom management method. Rather than utilizing the methods that Ms. Vanneman already has in place the Spanish teacher pretty much just wings it. Her methods are also not consistent. One day she allows the students to shout out the next day she’s reprehending them for it. She has no control of the class what so ever. She spends most of her time arguing with the students and trying to get them in order rather than actually teaching them

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