Why Customer Service Is Important Essay

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Customer satisfaction
“A statistic says people will share a positive experience with an average of five people and will share a bad experience with an average of nine people.” Many of us have told our friends and love ones about places to try and why to try them and told even more people places to avoid because we do not want them to experience what we have. The employee and customer interaction determines if a customer will return and if they return if they are going to bring more people or spend more money. This is why customer service is very important. There are several reasons why I support good customer services.
One reason why good customer service is important is because it because it allows employees to build a relationship with customer. Building a relationship with a customer can be done in many ways. One way can be by remembering their names. Also remembering what a customer’s likes by what they always order. For example I worked at McDonalds and it was a guy name Phil who would come to McDonalds at least twice a day and order a coffee and occasionally food as well. I know that he likes his coffee with 10 creams and 10 sugars this allowed us as an employee to get hi order to hi quickly. Many customers prefer to go to just one place because they know they are able to get the food quicker and how they prefer it because the employee knows them and also helps the business by continuously getting money from that particular customer.
Good customer service signals how…

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